Education is one of the essential elements in TCDC’s three-pronged approach to combination of preventive, educational and dental treatment services that could actually eliminate dental decay, and differentiates TCDC from all others serving low-income individuals. By educating our target population including related parents/caregivers/family members TCDC strives to build capacity of all involved to make decisions leading to improved oral health.

Utilizing The Toothfairy Island materials as the foundation for the curriculum content, TCDC is including its “Kids’ Passport to Oral Health,” to support our providers in establishing each patient’s Education Plan to complement their Treatment Plan:

The Video Corner

“Roberto Meets the Toothfairy” – Children from the neighborhood hear directly from pre-teen Roberto about his fantastic encounter with The Toothfairy and her friends on Toothfairy Island. He finds himself in the very unique situation of being able to ask her all the questions he had about oral health.

The Role-Play Corner

“Be a Dentist” – Visitors are able to get hands-on experience with a kid-safe workspace to learn about the tools of the trade. The fear and mystery of the dentist’s office is taken away as children are introduced to a dentist’s instruments and see how they are used.

The Crafts Table

“Making a Monster Mouth” – This fun, participatory activity teaches children the shape and use of gums, incisors, canine teeth and molars. Children create, shape and place each tooth in their own colorful “Monster Mouth” and will build their oral health vocabulary and better understand the function and position of each tooth, with a take home model to show the family!

“Plate Mouth” – An additional practice for oral health vocabulary, this coloring lesson is reiterates the location and purpose of incisors, canine teeth and molars teeth.

“Know Your Mouth Puzzle” – Using this puzzle introduces children to the various parts of the mouth and their function. Children soon discover the mouth is the gateway to the body and learn to be careful of what they put into their mouths.

“Know Your Tooth Puzzle” – This hands-on activity teaches children about the various parts of the tooth and their function. Children will learn that the three hardest surfaces in the body are part of or next to the tooth. As the child explores each layer of this puzzle they will learn about enamel, gums, bone, dentin, pulp and nerves.

The Nutrition Kitchen

“Tooth-Friendly Snacks – Part 1” – Children test their knowledge of which foods would make good “toothfriendly” snacks and which ones would not. Healthy (non-magnetic) snacks fall right off the board, while sugary foods (magnetic) stick around to cause decay.

“Tooth-Friendly Snacks – Part 2” – Children learn that bacteria in our mouths eat sweet foods and produce acid and acid left on the tooth can lead to decay.

“How Much Sugar is in…” – This activity allows children to discover which food has more sugar the correct answer. Children learn how to make better choices by uncovering the amount of sugar contained in everyday foods. This lesson also teaches the older child or adult how to read labels and change grams to teaspoons.

Dr. Hygiene’s Hideaway

“Plaque Book” – Children are introduced to the idea that different germs cause different oral health problems and how to prevent bad breath, yellow teeth and worse!

“Magic Bag and Toothbrush” – There are many types of brushes, but with this lesson children learn the importance and power of the toothbrush.

“Baby Bottle Syndrome” – An introduction to caregivers of critical basics on how to care for a child’s oral health at all stages of tooth development.