The Toothfairy Cottage

Located directly across from The Smile Store is The Toothfairy Cottage, a learning center which offers vital educational programs that combine a variety of highly interactive, culturally and age-appropriate, learning activities, delivered by volunteers trained in health related fields.

Components provided within the off-site Community Outreach Program are offered on-site through five learning stations:

The Learning Lounge

Designed to help children feel comfortable in a dental office setting, children watch an age-appropriate video on the importance of proper oral care.

Puppet Corner

Children can become “dentists” as they work on life-sized stuffed, cloth “patients,” while wearing their very own mask and gown. Puppet Corner allows the children to touch and hold some of the often intimidating dental tools that may be awaiting them across the street at The Smile Store.

Dr. Seemore Science’s Lab

The importance of dental hygiene and germ awareness are taught through the aid of microscopes, dental models, and lesson plans developed by a credentialed teacher.

Aunt Dottie’s Nutritional Kitchen

The focus is on nutrition, as children and parents learn the importance about healthy meal preparation. They learn the sugar content of some of their favorite snacks and beverages, and the healthy, tasty alternatives they can make to replace the sugary snacks.

Dr. Hygiene’s Hideaway (OHI)

This oral health instruction room offers wall-to-wall child-sized sinks where kids await the adventures about germ awareness. After washing their hands and brushing their teeth, a black light shows the children just how thoroughly they actually brushed and washed. The younger children are introduced to little memorable tooth brushing jingles to sing that will make brushing time, fun time.

To schedule a field trip or schedule a tour of The Toothfairy Cottage, please contact the Outreach team at 310.419.3000.