Why We Care


Today, California still ranks near last in the nation on the status of children’s oral health, with almost 20% of California children under the age of 12 still never having seen a dentist, despite the AAPD recommendations of a “first visit” before one year of age.

In spite of a preponderance of knowledge about the impact of untreated dental decay, and the gap in services for low-income children, state funding in California for children’s oral health is now even less adequate due to continuing cuts to the state budget for children’s healthcare. (Children NOW – Children’s Oral Health Crisis in California).

For those that are able to qualify, they face the exacerbation of barriers to proper oral care increased by the lack of dentists who accept the insurance.

  • Only 1 in 5 doctors who accept Denti-Cal see more than 100 Denti-Cal patients per year
  • Denti-Cal only reimburses roughly 22% of the costs of treatment
  • Consistently weakening benefits creates a confusing system where patients are unsure where they assigned and where they need to go for their major services

At TCDC, we absorb the costs and accept the reimbursement rates provided for the benefit of our community. The work of TCDC is to provide affordable quality oral health care to these underserved individuals to both eliminate oral disease for entire families and increase the overall health of our community.